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Advocate Samantha Martin is a practicing advocate at the Johannesburg and Mpumalanga Bar. She specialises in environmental, construction, town planning, mining, procurement and administrative law. Currently she holds chambers at the AFSA, Arbitration Foundation of South Africa.

This is a creative platform on interests intersecting the cross-roads of law, sustainability and lifestyle. This is a site to exchange content, case law analysis and other relevant information. 

The areas of law operate mainly through the lens of environmental, development, energy and construction related issues. However, some topics also relate to issues of the business of legal practice management, mentorship and the transfer of legal skills. It includes a blog of recent cases and articles of interest to practicing lawyers. There are also networking events and mentorship opportunities in the pipeline.

The intent is to create a dialogue for lawyers, advocates, judges, legal advisors, law students and a broad range of visitors to collaborate, learn and share insights on law and life. It is a nook and cranny for stories – lived experiences of justice and injustice, creativity and conservation. The Blog page includes articles on Legal Practice Management, Legal Design, the impact of Covid-19 and Coronavirus on litigation in South Africa and a number of other relevant matters.



It can help with

Climate Change

Rising temperatures are affecting developed and developing nations. 

Service Delivery

African countries are under extreme pressure to deliver basic services: water, sewer, sanitation and infrastructure. The tension comes into play between service delivery for communities in a sustainable way.


Urbanisation is a reality across developing nations. As city populations increase, cities face urban blight, lack of infrastructure maintenance and ecological degradation.

Public Health

There is a strong correlation between unsustainable patterns of development, degraded and poor human health. Anecdotal evidence suggests greening of cities supports attempts to stamp out depression.

Human rights

The right to a safe and healthy environment is a Constitutional right in many countries. What does this right mean when balanced against competing rights?

Legal Developments

There is a rapid infiltration of IT and AI in the spheres of law. Law students require mentorship in the fields of legal entrepreneurship. 


Weekly Wisdom

"The planet's biggest problems have to do with sustainability, environmental decline, global poverty, disease, conflict and so forth. Really, they're all interconnected - it's one big problem, which is that the way we're doing things can't go on."

Alex Steffen



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